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Paving the Way for Tech Careers – Ofsted on Code Institute’s Skills Bootcamps

Paving the Way for Tech Careers – Ofsted on Code Institute’s Skills Bootcamps

23rd April 2024

Code Institute received a double ‘significant progress’ feedback on the delivery of Skills Bootcamps in collaboration with the West Midlands Combined Authority in a recent Ofsted New Provider Monitoring Visit (NPMV). This acknowledgement underlines our commitment to future-proofing the tech sector and creating coding career opportunities. 

Meeting Industry Demands

Code Institute’s success translates into positive news for companies nationwide seeking to recruit a new wave of tech talent. With a surge in demand for entry-level tech roles reported by Adzuna – from 6,596 in November 2022 to over 15,000 in 2023 – the impact of Code Institute’s Skills Bootcamps is evident. This benefits employers and opens doors for career changers and the unemployed eager to join the thriving tech industry.

Ofsted’s Findings

Ofsted’s (UK’s Office for Standards in Education) findings shed light on the organisation’s dedication to quality education and commitment to staying abreast of the evolving tech landscape. According to the report, Code Institute’s

“Board has significant experience and expertise in education with a clear understanding of funded training in England.” The institution’s “leaders have a thorough and up-to-date understanding of the emerging skills needs in the sector. They use this information to continually review and develop the curriculum to ensure that it meets the sector’s skills needs. For example, they are mapping artificial intelligence knowledge into the curriculum. As a result, learners have the most up-to-date knowledge and coding experience.”

Preparing Learners for the Future

Code Institute’s High-Performance Full Stack Software Developer: Skills Bootcamp imparts technical proficiency and equips learners with crucial job-ready skills. Graduates emerge with the ability to use Agile methodologies for planning and designing Full-Stack Web applications and implement data models, application features, and business logic – skills essential for real-world scenarios.

Furthermore, the report mentions that:

“In response to extensive employer feedback, leaders strongly focus on developing skills such as critical thinking, agile skills, time management, and adaptability, which are key barriers to recruitment in the coding industry. This broader skills development better prepares learners to be ready to move into employment successfully when they complete their training.”

Beyond the Bootcamp

The journey doesn’t conclude with the completion of the Skills Bootcamp. Learners are encouraged to participate in three hackathons, culminating in a comprehensive portfolio of work that serves as a powerful showcase for prospective employers. This added layer ensures that graduates are armed with theoretical knowledge and possess practical, hands-on experience that sets them apart in the job market.

A Bold Step into the Future

Lorraine Hall, Code Institute’s Director of Quality, highlighted the importance of the recent Ofsted visit, stating, “our recent Ofsted visit reinforces our trust in the strategies and support we advocate. It confirms the effectiveness of our approach in delivering top-tier education and career advancement programs.”

According to Hall, “Code Institute’s success is a result of the collective effort of our dedicated staff and learners. We equip students with essential skills for employment in the ever-evolving tech sector. We’re excited about the future and are confident in our ability to navigate upcoming changes in the tech landscape.”

Learn more

If you want to learn more about Code Institute’s Skills Bootcamps in the UK or Ireland, contact our team at partners@codeinstitute.net. If you’d like to find out more about Code Institute’s other courses, follow this link.

If you’re new to software development and want to build your first web page, sign up for our free 5 Day Coding Challenge. After just one hour a day over five days, you’ll build your first-ever web page while learning the basics of HTMLCSS and JavaScript. Click here to access the register form.

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