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Code Institute Launches Fully-Funded Bootcamps and AI Courses for Business to Bridge UK Tech Skills Gap

Code Institute Launches Fully-Funded Bootcamps and AI Courses for Business to Bridge UK Tech Skills Gap

30th May 2024

London, UK – May 29, 2024 – Code Institute is proud to announce the launch of four fully-funded Full
Stack Software Developer Skills Bootcamps for the unemployed before the end of June, offered via
multiple UK Government funding streams and AI courses for business. These industry-approved courses
aim to address the critical skills gap in the UK’s IT workforce and promote effective AI adoption, which
are essential for the nation’s economic growth.

A recent report, ‘Unlocking the UK’s AI Potential: Harnessing AI for Economic Growth,’ highlights AI
as a ‘£550 billion opportunity for the UK over the next 10 years.’ It also suggests ‘that delaying AI
roll-out over the next half-decade could cost the UK £150 billion by 2035.’ Immediate action is needed to
address the skills shortages in key areas to sustain AI momentum.
Code Institute’s High-Performance Full Stack Software Developer Skills Bootcamps are tailored to equip
unemployed learners with the most in-demand skills in the tech industry. According to Morgan McKinley,
full-stack software development is among the top five most requested jobs in the UK, with core
programming skills, and problem-solving, being highly sought after. Skills Bootcamps provide a direct
pathway for individuals to gain employment in the tech sector, ensuring they are well-prepared to meet
the needs of modern businesses.

AI Courses for Business

In addition to the bootcamps, Code Institute is launching two AI courses for business:
AI for Business Leaders: Equips leaders with the skills to build and implement AI strategies, structure
teams, assess risks, and ensure responsible AI practices.


AI for Business Operations: Provides non-technical personnel with tools to identify high-impact
initiatives, articulate use cases, and ensure measurable ROI.
Peter O’Connell, Head of Product at Code Institute, emphasises the significance of AI: “AI impacts
businesses of all sizes and stages of AI adoption. Effective implementation can significantly enhance
project delivery and value creation, as highlighted by McKinsey’s estimate of at least $3.5 trillion in
additional value through AI adoption.”

Code Institute’s programs are designed to deliver practical outcomes, helping senior business leaders,
department heads, and managers realise the benefits of AI within their organisations.
For more information about Code Institute’s Skills Bootcamps for unemployed learners and AI courses
for business, please contact partners@codeinstitute.net or visit codeinstitute.net/ai-for-business/.



Notes to editor

About Code Institute
Code Institute is a global EdTech company at the forefront of shaping the future workforce. By
collaborating with governments, colleges, and individuals, we empower learners with the skills demanded
by an AI-driven future. Endorsed by Further Education Colleges and Combined Authorities in the UK and
Education & Training Boards in Ireland, our programs offer a clear pathway into the tech industry through
our Skills Bootcamps, Level 3 and Level 5 offerings, providing the essential skills needed to thrive in the
rapidly evolving digital landscape. Going beyond borders, our commitment to accessibility is truly global.
We collaborate with Social Initiatives funds, offering exclusive training programs for women, the
hard-of-hearing community, and underrepresented minorities to open doors to meaningful careers in the
tech sector.

About Skills Bootcamps currently open for application
Four local government bodies are currently offering fully-funded High Performance Full Stack Software
Developer: Skills Bootcamps with June 24th start date including West of England Combined Authority
(WECA), West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), Enterprise Cheshire and Warrington and
Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership. Programme information can be found on the links provided.

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