4-5 June 2024

Manchester Central


Wednesday 12 October

11:40 - 12:10   |   Business Starter & Franchise Education Theatre

Step up and stand out: How to build an authentic personal brand

Everybody has a personal brand, including you. In a time where authenticity, meaning and impact are needed more than ever, it’s time you to tell your story. You have something the world needs; we all do.

This talk is about empowering everyone — introverts and extroverts alike — to create a personal brand that will help them go after (and get) the life and career of their dreams. Through real world examples and self-reflection, Yota will change how you see personal branding and give you the tools you need to find your unique identity and share it with the world.

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Yota Trom

Together in Tech



4-5 June 2024

Manchester Central


17-18 September 2024

RDS Dublin


2-3 October 2024

ExCel London

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